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A building must have a roof and a wall. These are a few of the obligatory architectural building blocks. For you as an architect the visual and aesthetic aspects are priority. With lines, shapes, colors and texture you are trying to create a nice looking spatial object. Within the requirements of the client your challenges and creativity is asked. However, in order to meet requirements of the current energy emission you must also use techniques such as heat pumps, solar modules and other measures to achieve this. And here the frustration starts! A beautiful design where those ugly "plates" must be installed on the roof. The fully integrated and insulated roof modules of Loci changes this. The Loci solar modules are smaller in size and beautiful black, even without silver lines and complete roof filling from ridge to gutter and wall to wall. The edging is done with HPL metalwork making beautiful color combinations possible. For example, the black module surface with anthracite edging and bright facades gives a beautiful aesthetic modern look and feel. Do you think of a facade of a commercial building, then there is also a solution. The system can also be mounted vertically.

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