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Solar Panel Roof Solutions

The integrated Loci solar panel roof can be installed on various types of roofs, including prefabricated hinged gables and traditional insulation elements. The Loci system only requires battens for the structure, which can be spaced further apart than with traditional roof tiles if necessary. Additionally, the underlayment can be structurally lighter, as the Loci system is significantly lighter than roof tiles. This can result in significant cost savings in the roof construction.



Loci with RockZero

The integrated Loci solar panel roof and RockZero Roof Systems from ROCKWOOL together form an innovative prefab roof solution for roofs where solar panels are required. These roofs often deal with elevated temperatures, but thanks to the continuous insulation layer of RockZero Roof Systems, this is effectively protected.

The heat-accumulating capacity of the stone wool insulation ensures that heat is much less quickly transferred to the building than with traditional roof solutions. Additionally, the (hinged) cap of the RockZero Roof Systems is prepared in the factory for the support system of the Loci integrated solar panel roof. This way, the hinged cap can be efficiently transported "just in time" to the construction site and placed on the house with a lifting frame.

Subsequently, the aesthetic solar panels are mounted in a streamlined manner on the support system, followed by the installation of electrical connections and (edge) finishes. This innovative solution is suitable for both new construction and renovation of individual homes, as well as for large-scale applications such as terraced houses. See here for an example project.

The fact that the complete hinged cap is manufactured in the factory contributes to time savings on the construction site and minimizes any inconvenience. This rapid assembly option makes the roof solution particularly suitable for renovation projects, making it an extremely attractive option for housing associations.

Loci as a Replacement
The Loci integrated solar panel roof without full new construction or roof renovation is the solution when you actually want to install solar panels but find traditional ones unsightly and your roof structure is not yet due for replacement. In this case, you can build the Loci system on the existing roof sheathing.

The underlayment must not be sagging or may need to be filled. The existing roofing is removed and replaced by the integrated Loci solar panel roof. With this solution, you can give the house a visually pleasing appearance without a full roof renovation.

Loci with RockZero Loci with RockZero Loci with RockZero