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Loci Solar Integrated insulated Solar Roof on a bungalow in Weert


In December 2015 in Weert, Netherlands, on a unique bungalow, the LOCI solar roof has been installed. One year later, we look back on this project and assess the results from an aesthetic and economic perspective from the customer and the supplier.

Hugo Coppen (the customer) has studied architecture and urbanism. Hugo's knowledge, expertise and passion was used to realize his own unique bungalow on the Princenweg 42 Weert. After a career in traffic, Hugo Coppen managed a business from 1997 in specific software developed for traffic. Major customers for the company included the national Police, Water Authorities, Municipal, State and Public Works. Hugo Coppen is mainly engaged in research and development since 2012. Hugo Coppen is occupied with thinking of innovation and new products for the software that the company sells, but also has during free time his passion for innovation and technology(proven the innovative loci roof, the robotic lawn mower in the garden, the charging post for his Tesla, etc.). The latest innovation is an app which automates the field of traffic, road maintenance, traffic anticipation and increase road safety.

Consumption, costs and revenues of the solar roof
"We have applied many innovations  in and around
the bungalow,"Hugo Coppen said". The interviewer, Aaron Mulder of ICTloket discovers a charging station for Tesla Model S, but also a mowing robot lawnmower that has made a beautiful tight lawn. Aaron sees a Jacuzzi and discoveres many smart home automation applications, like temperature controllers, home cinema systems, smoke detectors, etc .. "I was driving a lot of business miles, so about two years ago i've bought a Tesla with a charging station at the door included. But there is more than the eyes directly detect , think for example of a hybrid heat pump for heating in winter and cooling in summer. The use of geothermal energy was not an option for us because of the archaeological value of the land, "Hugo Coppen said".
On which Aaron Mulder asks, "but with so many electrical applications the property can not be completely energy neutral?" Hugo Coppen indicating "No the Tesla uses so much energy so your assumption is right, but without the car of course, it is financially really interesting:
"The higher price compaired to a traditional roof without solar modules in relation to the loci solar module roof was only 15 euro's per m2. When I add the price of traditional solar modules to a normal roof it was totally incomparable. This Loci 
solution is aesthetically and financially the best solution, what more would you want ?! "Hugo Coppen said".

LOCI Solar Integrated insulated Roof
Rebor BV (2006) focuses on innovation and research in the field of solar energy for electricity generation within the built environment and especially the architectural integration. This is often done in collaboration with other companies in the sector and knowledge institutes such as ECN (University of Eindhoven), TU Delft and the cooperation of both within the organization called SEAC (Solar Energy Application Center). For the LOCI roof panels (Low-cost integrated solar and roof insulation) I was approached by Hans Coppen. Hans Coppen is a famous
architect and nephew of Hugo Coppen. Hans learned through a press release about this new innovation. Hans Coppen was designing a bungalow on wich the LOCI application would be perfect. After exchanging information and details, architect "Coppen"  incorporated the LOCI concept into the design of the house. Hugo comes from a family of architects (3 generations) and did Hans fine-tuning. Unilin BV (Wolfgang Passlack) has calculated and drawn the roof construction. "Rene Borro of Rebor personally came by and it was immediately clear that they were passionate entrepreneurs. Everything was delivered on time. The challenge was to place the roof modules in the correct position because the architect had designed everything very narrow, but this was covered in a perfect way, Hugo Coppen said.

Unilin Insulation
Unilin Insulation (Wolfgang Passlack, business manager) located in Oisterwijk offers a solution for every roof insulation demand. As a specialist in insulation and
roofing insulation they provide optimal methods that guarantee high quality and energy saving. Unilin stands for innovation, reliability and expertise. With over 30 years' of experience in insulation and roof panels Unilin is rightfully called an insulation expert. Thanks to years of experience and technological know-how they have the broadest and deepest range in the market. Unilin's products are used both in new construction and renovation projects.

Combined prefabricated solution
"There are very good insulation products on the market and ditto PV systems," Lieven Malfait says", Director of Unilin Insulation BV. "The question is whether we can combine them into a prefabricated solution that takes over the function of the roofing. We are convinced that there are no failure costs compared to a classic roof on which solar modules are placed afterwards. "The starting point of the project was to explore the cost of renovation or new construction and the installation of solar modules in the classical way. Malfait: "We then estimated that our combined solution would be very competitive."

project Phases
1. Informative inquiry
2. More detailed information so that a target could be determined
3. Further elaboration of details in the drawing construction in combination with Unilin e.g.
4. Discussion with the contractor by Rebor and Unilin BV

5. Timing of delivery
6. Delivery and installation by Unilin BV
7. Installing Inverter and electrical installation.

For more information contact Rene Borro.

Location: Princenweg 42 Weert
Solution: LOCI Integrated Solar Roof
Customer: Hugo Coppen
Suppliers: Unilin BV & BV Rebor
Photos and report: Aaron Mulder ICTloket.nl