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Transparent solar panels for glass and facade applications

Energy-efficient and energy-generating homes, offices and buildings are increasingly being asked (in the new buildings). For both new construction and renovation, we provide various transparent solar panel glass panels, equipped with solar cells (10% light transmissible) in standard size. Also, solar panel glass panels can be supplied with higher light intensity (20% -30% -45%) and in varying sizes and form in single, double and triple insulated glass. Be inspired by the examples below and make a non-binding appointment to visit one of our construction sites.

"A unique new product, innovative and excellently applicable in the built environment. The combinations we can now make with transparent panels, dark-colored Loci solar panels and even tiles give every room for creative fills," said Rene Borro of Rebor BV. Also read the news article [word link to news article] with more information about the applications.

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