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Technical details

The solar modules are using mono cristal technology. The electricity-generating layer is enclosed between two sheets of glass with a total thickness of 7,3mm which makes them long-term protected against all weather, wear and tear influences. Thanks to the low temperature coefficient , these modules have an efficiency advantage even up to 18.5% . The modules are less sensitive to shade so they can even be applied on two roof sides, ideal for a more even power output throughout the day. The system has been tested for a long time on physical properties. Because of the sophisticated air gap behind the solar modules, the cooling and vapor diffusion, are arranged in a proper manner.

The water tightness from ridge to rain gutter is achieved by the patented fastening system in such a way that the modules lay over each other. Between the modules-columns are vertical gutters which discharge the excess water into the rain gutter. Sound tests according EN ISO 717-1 show that the Loci solar roof has excellent acoustic properties. Example: RC9 insulation, with roof tiles = 38 dB, RC9, with Loci = 40 dB